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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hi ! Haven't posted in a while

SO we have been busy here lately! I will try and give a quick update on us and what we have been doing.:)

RJ- he is now a Kindergarten grad!! WOOHOO!!! He did awesome in school and we couldn't be prouder. He did Letchworth Splash all year and has come so far in his swimming. He also has taken Tae Qwon Doe and likes that as well. There is a break from that right now but will start up again in the fall. Right now it is summer soccer. He likes that a lot too!! RJ will be heading to a day camp at Beaver Meadows for a week and he is really excited! He will get to be outside and learn all about nature and that includes ANIMALS! His favorite thing! He has been busy hunting for toads while at summer rec and his coach/rec teacher calls him "the great white Frog hunter"! He is having a ton of fun even though our weather has pretty much stunk this whole summer. Rainy and chilly for July that is for sure. He will be going to MI for a couple of weeks to see his father nad family there. We will miss him but he should have a good time. The yare having an "RJ Bar-b- Que" while there (too cute) and going to cedar point! He will get to play with his awesome cousins Ben and Alex too!

Maddyn- ON the GO!! SHe is walking now and always wants to go! SHe is our angel baby and so much fun!!! We had her first b-day party at the lake and had a great time! SHe got such beautiful things. We are blessed towith a wonderful family and loving friends.
She hasn't liked the pool very much since it has been so darn cold. Maddyn is a super picky eater and it is very frustrating. I don't knw how she thrives... seriously!! Hopefully she will grow out of it and not be picky like her big brother!
She is saying some words too! Mama, Dada, Papa (said it once), hot, yes, ball....those are most of them. She is such a joy to watch grow but it's also sad at the same time.

Mark has been busy working but has some time off. He has a week off in July and we are going camping with the kids to Jellystone. Should be fun if the weather is nice. We are aslo going to be staying up at the lake in August when RJ is back from MI which is should be enjoyable and we are having friends stay a couple nights too.

I have been taking some family photos for friends here and there and everyone has been pleased. I am thinking of maybe trying to do it professionally but haven' taken the plunge yet. My lack of confidence is holding me back. We shall see......
Anyway, I am going to post some random pics ....thanks for reading and looking!!! Have a great summer in case I don't get on here to update!