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Monday, September 14, 2009

I heart Faces- Contemplation entry

This week at I Heart Faces, is the theme Contemplation. I chose this picture of my daughter Maddyn I just took a few days ago. I had got one of my new lenses (24mm-70mm f2.8 Lseries canon lense! YAY!) and so I put my daughter in s cute tutu and headband I got form Walmart(yep walmart..so cute-can't really see it in this picture) and took her outside  in our yard for some photos. I love this one because she is just studying this flower intently. I love this toddler age. Everything is so interesting to them and so new. Anyway, thanks for looking and if you want to see other great photos, go to I Heart Faces
Here are some other photos from this shoot in case you would like to see. :)
My Son RJ
Thanks for looking!!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fix it Friday Sept 11

What a beautiful baby face we all get to play around with this week. I could so squeeze those cheeks! thanks for letting us use it!

I haven't posted anything to I Heart Faces in so long!

Here is the original

here is my first post

I kind of gave it a vintage look I guess. I applied two actions from Pioneer Woman. First I used Fresh and colorful and adjusted the opacity of the layers a bit and then I applied the PW Black and white. I didn't flatten the image first. the Light layer was highlighted and I just applied the Black and White action then adn this is what it came out as.

My second one is this:
I applied a simple intensify action from Itty Bitty 52 action set and then popped the eyes with coffee shop Eye Bright.

My last one is this:
I belive that I took the one above and popped the color again and then applied a b&w action to it without flattening it first. It's almost 1 am and I should be in bed and right now , I can't remember exactly what I did to this one!!! LOL
See some other GREAT fixes at I Heart Faces!